The Top and Best iPhone 11 2020 Update

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The Top and Best iPhone 11 2020 Update

The Top and Best iPhone 11 2020 Update. With the upcoming release of the Apple iPhone 11, the tech giant is hoping that this model will find levels of popularity with consumers not seen for quite some time.

It’s hardly any secret that while their more recent models have sold, the demand has been massively down from the hype days of the iPhone 6/7 days.

In a report via Mashable, however, if you were planning on getting an iPhone 11, and particularly the top of the range model, then you might need to brace your wallets. Put simply, they don’t come cheap!

The Top iPhone 11 Will Cost $1,499 and Even More in Europe 1

Apple iPhone 11 Prices

Now, prices will be determined largely on the specific sub-model and whatever memory size it has. So, how does it work out? Well, the price structure (in basic terms) is as follows:

Standard iPhone 11 – $699
iPhone 11 Pro – $999/$1,149/$1,349 (64GB/256GB/512GB)
iPhone 11 Pro Max – $1,099/$1,249/$1,449 (64GB/256GB/512GB)

While these are confirmed prices in America, if you are reading this from Europe and are already wide-eyes at those figures, then I’m afraid the prices are only set to get worse.

The Top iPhone 11 Will Cost $1,499 and Even More in Europe 2

Generally speaking, it’s largely not unusual to see (comparatively) Europe getting higher prices than America and in this instance, it is (sadly) no exception.

So, basing it on the top tier model (iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512GB) this is how it breaks down.

UK – £1,499 ($1,853)
Germany – €1,649 ($1,820)
Italy – €1,689 ($1,864)
Hungary – 577,990f ($1,923)

So, the short version is, they’re expensive. Then again, given that this is Apple did you really expect anything otherwise? – If you are interested in them, however, they are expected to hit store shelves imminently!

That being said, however, some may just decide to wait for the 2020 iPhone release. A model which is shaping up to be far more interesting!

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