The Best Prepaid Legal Plans and Subscriptions

The Best Prepaid Legal Plans & Subscriptions. Did you know that one in three Americans thinks lawyers contribute nothing or very little to society? One issue that surely contributes to this statistic is not knowing the right attorney to contact for the specific issue at hand. If one could talk to the correct attorney, would … Read more

What’s Does Legal Insurance Cover?

What’s Does Legal Insurance Cover?. You’ll find legal insurance referred to by several names, including legal protection insurance (LPI), prepaid legal plans (PPL) or legal expenses insurance (LEI). Nomenclature aside, legal insurance can provide coverage for a broad range of legal issues, which might span from simple traffic tickets to adoption assistance or disputes with … Read more

The Best Legal Insurance Companies

The Best Legal Insurance Companies. Many consumers do not have an attorney, much less a good attorney, that they can call when in need. Most attorneys are specialist and can only help with a narrow set of legal problems. Some prepaid legal plans come with a network of attorneys from a variety of backgrounds and … Read more