10 Concept Cars That Will Make You Rethink The Future

10 Concept Cars That Will Make You Rethink The Future
10 Concept Cars That Will Make You Rethink The Future

If Back to the Future II is to be believed, by the year 2015 we’ll all be riding hover boards to work.
Hmm. Makes the four wheel toys we all currently use seem a little dull in comparison.

If your commute currently feels more Driving Miss Daisy than Wacky Races, you’d be forgiven for feeling the motor trade seems to have lost a little of its imagination along the years.

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Perhaps the reason is that cars have become increasingly important to our lives since Marty McFly made his first foray in time travel back in 1985. Nowadays commuting is more common; thanks to the internet long-distance relationships are more prevalent; the recession has forced us to be more flexible in the distance we’re prepared to go for our jobs; and financially we may not be quite as flush as we were in the mid to late 1980s.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, we want our cars to be reliable, safe for our family and the planet and not break the bank. But by not breaking the bank are we failing to break the mould?

The very first car hit the roads at a top-speed of two miles per hour back in 1769. And though the design and horse power seems ridiculously pedestrian to us modern users, these cars must have felt like the future to people at the time. Cars were brave, futuristic and exciting things and people were prepared to take a chance on something new.

We shouldn’t lose sight of this attitude. So before you automatically plump for that new Mondeo with excellent mileage, take a look at this innovative selection of concept cars that have been introduced to us through the years. Some may be crazy, some might be unworkable, but mark our words; you’ll be more likely to see one of these bad boys on the M1 before we start queuing up for the latest model of hover board.

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