7 Reasons to Heal and Travel in Malaysia

7 Reasons to Heal and Travel in Malaysia
7 Reasons to Heal and Travel in Malaysia

Travelling abroad for medical treatments can be daunting.  And it doesn’t help that there’s always an ever-ready treatment-gone-wrong horror story waiting for you on the Internet. When planning to get treatment overseas, the most important decision you can make is picking a place that will keep you safe and sound throughout your stay.

And since you’re already travelling, why not pick a place that has a good spread of tourism options where you can do a little sightseeing and experience different cultures? A change of scenery never hurt anyone, and you stand to reap the healing benefits of a stimulated mind and a little TLC. 

While you’re at it, you’re probably also going to look for a destination that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Out of the many well-known destinations out there, Malaysia stands out for quite a list of good reasons and here are seven of them.

1. They have globally benchmarked quality 
The main reason Malaysia is a destination of choice for more and more people looking for medical care is because of the closely monitored and continuously upgraded medical facilities, personnel, and infrastructure. The Ministry of Health keeps a tight rein on both public and private Malaysian hospitals alike and ensures that the services provided meet a pretty high standard.

Not only are patient safety and care strictly monitored by the Ministry of Health under the Private Healthcare and Facilities Service Act (1998), most of Malaysia’s medical personnel are highly trained from internationally renowned institutions from the UK, USA, Australia, Europe and Malaysia.

In Malaysia, after obtaining their qualifications, doctors have to go through a mandatory period of at least 8-12 years of service before they can join the private sector. This means that they are exposed to a wide variety of case-mix and are sufficiently trained to meet a variety of healthcare needs.

On top of that, Malaysia has been winning accolade after accolade for its impressive healthcare services. Between scoring “Destination of the Year” for three times in a row from 2015-2017 at the UK-based International Medical Travel Journal Awards and consistently being named as “Best Country in the World for Healthcare” by US-based International Living’s Global Retirement Index from 2015 – 2019, Malaysia has put itself on the map as a healthcare destination that’s both reliable and of high-quality.

2. Malaysia’s healthcare is easily accessible
Located in the heart of Southeast Asia and a travel hub for Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia, Malaysia is never too far away.

Malaysia also houses more than 200 private hospitals, not including dental clinics and health and wellness centres. This means there is virtually no waiting time for appointments or consultations and treatments with specialists, allowing immediate access!

Here’s a list of Malaysian hospitals that are world-class and dedicated to providing you a memorable healthcare travel experience served with that quintessential Malaysian hospitality.

3. Healthcare in Malaysia is Competitively Affordable
Here’s a fun piece of trivia: You’d probably save between 60-80% on treatment costs in Malaysia in comparison to the US!

This is according to a report by Patient Beyond Borders. How is this possible?

In Malaysia, the Ministry of Health regulates ceiling rates for medical treatments through the Medical Fees Schedule 13.

This means that the government monitors hospital charges to make sure the amount you pay for your healthcare is reasonable.

Not only that, the Malaysian Ringgit favours healthcare travellers to Malaysia, as exchange rates are low compared to regional currencies. 

Here’s a table comparing the costs of selected procedures in major healthcare travel destinations:

4. Communication is easy as everyone speaks a known language!
Malaysia is well-known for its melting pot of cultures consisting of the Chinese, Indian, Malay, and many more others, besides being a member of the Commonwealth. As such, English is widely spoken in all the medical centres across the country.

As a result, you’ll always be able to communicate wherever you are in the country, whether at medical facilities or hawker centres.  Other than English, common languages widely spoken include Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.

Should you need a translator, one can be easily arranged for you.

5. Malaysia is a Global Halal Hub, which is good news for Muslim healthcare travellers
The Malaysian society is Muslim friendly. All Malaysian hospitals serve halal food and provide prayer facilities. You will also find prayer rooms almost everywhere when travelling in Malaysia.

Porcine-free medical products, such as sutures and vaccines, are also available at medical facilities. Many Malaysian medical professionals and personnel are Muslims too.

Malaysia has also been recognised as the “Top Country for Muslim Travel” from 2011 – 2019 by the MasterCard-Crescent Rating Global Muslim Travel Index.

6. Someone will walk you through your journey from start to end

Unwind and freshen up at the Malaysia Healthcare Concierge Lounge and experience our warm hospitality.
Upon early notice, from the moment you land at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia Healthcare’s personnel will be at the aerobridge to greet you. You will be escorted through a fast track lane at customs and immigration to their exclusive lounge where your host will look after you while waiting for transport to your hospital or accommodation. 

You will have the same assistance when you leave the country. Every touchpoint is covered to ensure you have a smooth, seamless healing journey in Malaysia.

7. Malaysia is a travel haven
Lofty, romantic rainforests, lush mountain ranges with the cool breeze, scenic beaches with warm sand between your toes, Malaysia has a wonderland of naturistic escapades to complement your healthcare travel journey here.

With UNESCO heritage sites and shopping extravaganzas to explore, Malaysia has something for every traveller. And we haven’t even gotten to the food! Malaysia is home to a variety of cuisine from East to West and you’ll find an endless list of delicious bites to tuck into.

Malaysia really is the perfect destination to travel to and heal in. No wonder Malaysia Healthcare has experienced near double-digit growth in healthcare travellers between 2011-2018 from countries including but not limited to the UK, US, Australia, Japan and Singapore.

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