Best Phone in US for 2020: The Top 10 Smartphones

Best Phone in US for 2020 The Top 10 Smartphones
Best Phone for 2020 The Top 10 Smartphones

Best phone in US for 2020: The Top 10 Smartphones. The best smartphones you can buy in 2020 come from Apple, Google, Samsung and others

Buying the best phone in 2020 is an expensive investment no matter if it comes from Samsung, Apple, or Google, meaning your decision is all the more important. It’s now May, and we’ve seen most of the new phones for the first half of this year.

We’re constantly updating our best phones list for this reason: to make sure you’re buying the absolute top smartphone for your needs. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series shook up our rankings, but also consider the iPhone 11 or Galaxy Note 10.

Why we have more than one pick: We have a top pick, but not everyone looks for the same smartphone features. Some demand Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime, so that means sticking with iOS 13 (and, soon, iOS 14), while others will want infinite customizations and Google Assistant, which is available in Android 10 and soon Android 11.

Likewise, AT&T plans, Verizon plans, or T-Mobile plans may sway your a preference; the best AT&T phone may not be available on Verizon, and vice-versa. We’ve seen more unlocked phones in the US, but not all of them are available for every carrier.

Almost all smartphone prices have crept up to – and above – $1,000 so you’ll want to take your decision seriously. We’re here to guide you through the top phone picks with all of the expertise we’ve gained doing phone reviews.

The best phone in 2020? It has a large display, yet is easy to handle; packs a camera suite capable of replacing a point-and-shoot; and has enough processor power and battery to get work done while you’re on the go. You won’t find slow smartphones with anything less than all-day battery life on this ranked phone list.

5G phones are becoming important and more prevalent (a few appear on this list, as Android handsets use the Snapdragon 865 chipset  – we’re still waiting on a 5G iPhone), and foldable phones will one day become a big deal. Maybe when the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 gets here. Right now, they’re too pricey.

Best phone in US for 2020: The Top 10 Smartphones

Best phone at a glance:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus
  2. iPhone 11
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
  4. iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max
  5. OnePlus 8 Pro
  6. iPhone SE 2020
  7. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  8. Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus
  9. OnePlus 7 Pro
  10. Google Pixel 4 XL

At least these is the best and the top 10 smartphone which you can buy for your own. Thanks for reading about Best phone in US for 2020: The Top 10 Smartphones here.

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