Ten tools that can help you boost your brand

Ten tools that can help you boost your brand
Ten tools that can help you boost your brand

For any business or professional person, creating a brand is pretty essential nowadays. Clients are quick to judge, and a slick digital presence is much more likely to build confidence than a neglected wasteland. From redesigning your logo to building a better website, there are many steps you can take to boost your brand. Here are ten tools that can make the process easier.

Designs.ai Logomaker
Designs.ai LogomakerStack Commerce
This highly-rated platform lets you create a professional logo in minutes, with a wide variety of templates to choose from. You can easily customize the colors and fonts before downloading your logo in multiple formats. You can jump on the Premium Plan now for $18.99, saving 80 percent on the regular price.

My Brand New Logo
My Brand New LogoStack Commerce
To make the process even easier, My Brand New Logo uses AI to generate logos based on your requirements. The algorithms follow principles used by top designers, and the license includes full commercial copyright. Worth $12,500, lifetime access is now only $39.99.

Design Wizard: Stock Video Bundle
Design Wizard: Stock Video BundleStack Commerce
Video is a powerful platform for pitching products and services. This bundle from Design Wizardgives you access to a huge library of stock HD footage—perfect for creating marketing videos. Order now for $49 to get 50 credits, worth $999.50.

PixTeller PRO Online Editor
PixTeller PRO Online EditorStack Commerce
From social media headers to animated videos, PixTeller PRO helps you get creative. As a subscriber, you can access 134,000 templates, 1.5 million images, and 100,000 shapes inside an easy-to-use editor. It’s worth $108, but you can get a one-year subscription now for $19.99.

Blocs 3: Website Builder for Mac
Blocs 3: Website Builder for MacStack Commerce
This powerful app lets you create a responsive website from scratch without writing a single line of code. Blocs 3 offers customizable templates, stunning animations, custom fonts, CMS integration, and much more. Normally priced at $99.99, the app is now 60 percent off at $39.99.

Dragify Website Builder
Dragify Website BuilderStack Commerce
Another great option is Dragify. This online website builder helps you construct your site, build a blog and optimize your content for search engines. Better still, you get hassle-free hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage. Order now for $29.99 to get a one-year subscription, worth $72.

The Modern Digital Copywriting & Marketing Playbook Bundle
The Modern Digital Copywriting & Marketing Playbook BundleStack Commerce
With 10 video courses, this huge learning library helps you master the art of copywriting. Through 55 hours of training, you learn about storytelling, persuasive writing, digital marketing, and other valuable skills. Worth $2,000 in total, the bundle is now only $35.

Audials One 2020
Audials One 2020Stack Commerce
When someone famous mentions your brand, it makes sense to capture the moment. This Windows recording software helps you capture audio snippets from virtually any source—Spotify, Netflix, TV, radio, online videos, podcasts, and more. Usually priced at $59.90, Audials One 2020 is now $19.99.

The Creativity Bundle Ft. Clip Studio DEBUT
The Creativity Bundle Ft. Clip Studio DEBUTStack Commerce
Want to give your brand a unique look? This bundle helps you master digital artistry. You get the popular illustration software, Clip Studio DEBUT, plus hundreds of useful assets and two hours of expert training. Worth $179.95, the bundle is currently just $25.

Super Vectorizer 2
Super Vectorizer 2Stack Commerce
If you want to publish or print your branding at a larger size, you really need to convert it to a vector format. Super Vectorizer 2 for Mac makes the process easy, with automatic tracing of 70 different image formats. The app is worth $60, but you can grab it now for just $19.

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