The Simple Way to Break In a New Pair of Heels

The Simple Way to Break In a New Pair of Heels
The Simple Way to Break In a New Pair of Heels | You finally pulled the trigger on those block heel sandals you’ve been eyeing forever—congrats! But before you take those babies out on the town, you’re going to want to break them in a little bit (because painful blisters and fabulous shoes do not make for a pretty combination). In order to save your feet, here’s our go-to trick for quickly breaking in a new pair of heels.

What you need: Your new shoes, a pair of thick socks and a blow-dryer. Note that this technique works best with leather shoes, but will make a difference in pairs made from other materials as well.

What you do: Put the socks on, and then squeeze your feet into your new shoes. Yes, they’ll feel super tight, but trust us, this is going to work. Then, blast your shoes with your blow-dryer until they feel warm to the touch (around two minutes or so). Finally, walk around your home for a little while, allowing the shoes to actually stretch out.

Why this works: The heat from the blow-dryer allows your shoes to be reshaped just the right amount, thereby letting them mold specifically to your feet. Even if your kicks are the right size and don’t initially feel tight, keep in mind that your feet do swell throughout the day. This trick will help minimize the unfortunate side effects of uncomfortable friction and rubbing.

Now all that’s left to do is show off your gorgeous—and infinitely more comfortable—shoes. Go forth and be stylish. 

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